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individual liberty, social progress, and the pursuit of happiness

individual liberty, social progress, and the pursuit of happiness

Did a philosophy quiz. My philosophical mentorsโ€ฆ:
1. John Stuart Mill (100%)
2. Kant (94%)
3. Epicureans (86%)
4. Jeremy Bentham (82%)
5. Ayn Rand (78%)
6. Aquinas (77%)
7. Aristotle (75%)
8. Prescriptivism (71%)
9. Spinoza (71%)
10. Stoics (67%)
11. Ockham (54%)
12. Jean-Paul Sartre (53%)
13. Nietzsche (53%)
14. St. Augustine (38%)
15. Cynics (34%)
16. David Hume (30%)
17. Plato (30%)
18. Thomas Hobbes (26%)
19. Nel Noddings (21%)

(updated Feb 2024: I asked ChatGPT to summarize John Stuart Mill's philosophy):
John Stuart Mill, a prominent figure in the utilitarian tradition, advocated for a philosophy that emphasized individual liberty, social progress, and the pursuit of happiness. Mill believed that actions should be judged based on their ability to maximize overall happiness or pleasure while minimizing pain. He argued for the importance of individual autonomy, championing the idea that individuals should be free to act as they choose as long as their actions do not harm others. Additionally, Mill emphasized the significance of education and open debate in fostering human development and societal improvement. His philosophy sought to balance the promotion of personal freedom with the need for societal cohesion and the common good, advocating for a society where individuals could flourish while respecting the rights and well-being of others.

Yup, still sounds good to me.

Mutterings (it has been ages!)
Running :: Up a hill
Alternative :: music
Cope :: stress
Lots :: money
Sympathetic :: ways
Barn :: fire
Totally :: like whatever
Baby :: naked
Undeniable :: truth
Watermelon :: seeds