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Granato is Gone

April 16, 2024 @ 04:04 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Bye Meatball

Bye Meatball

Yup. Bye Meatball

Yup. Bye Meatball

In a better late then never move, the Sabres have finally fired their Coach Donnie 'Meatballs' Granato. His record was a brutal 122-125-27. In a press conference today, Sabres GM Keyvn Adams suggested the team is ready to take the next step and will be looking for an experienced coach. No names were mentioned. He said he is starting the coach search immediately. I agree with all of that... Donnie seemed clueless most of the season. The joke mid season was the Sabres spotting each team two goals in the first period as they often were very slow to start. A woefully inept powerplay also was a contributing factor to the Sabres historic 13th consecutive playoff miss. Firing the coach was the easy, expected part... Finally a coach to actually get done what he said will be the hard part. *shrug* Whatever... this has been going on for so long I will believe nothing from this team until I see it. All lip service until they win.

There is a bunch of work being done along the end of our driveway from various utility vendors. It looks like we are getting Bell Fibre in our neighbourhood. It would be nice to finally have a choice. We've only had Rogers Cable since we moved in... We'll absolutely look at the cost and quality of this once it is offered.

We started the grim Western Godless. One episode done. It seems promising.

Youtube has been algorithming me some pretty solid music videos... High on Fire, Slaughterhouse and non-metal Sierra Hull.

Jez. I guess there is no happily ever after in Shogun. One of my favourite characters just blew herself up.

Hmm. So the sale of the Arizona Coyotes to Salt Lake City became official today. I'm not sure what to think... It was a small fanbase, so for those fans, obviously it sucks hard. But Bettman tried and bent himself into pretzels trying to get the team to work in AZ. It didn't, and having the team in a 6k arena was embarrassing... No word as to the team name. Heard: Yeti, Venom, Fury...

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