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June 29, 2011 @ 06:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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The playoffs have started in ball hockey. Sadly that hasn’t changed the apathetic turn out we are getting for games. Playoff games have an additional 2m in the third. Which may not seem like much… but when you are playing with one sub, those are a very long two minutes. Not that it seems to matter a whole lot by then… We were well out of the game by the 3rd. The game took a toll on the team. Our best forward got hooked and slammed his knee hard on the concrete and was done for the night. I doubt he’ll be back tomorrow for our next game. The team captain took got knocked on the chin opening up a nasty gash. Not to mention all the bruises from blocked shots. We don’t lose from lack of heart or effort. I, apparently, creamed a guy into the boards late in the third and got called for roughing. I thought it was a big guy so I went in aggressively, too aggressively I guess. My team mates got a chuckle out of it. The ‘mild mannered player has a mean streak’… *cough* I expect the playoffs will go like the regular season. We’ll be lucky to win a game. Good bunch of guys, we deserve better.

Tomorrow is work’s fun day. Every year the staff loads up on a bus and heads off to an unknown destination for the day. I’m hoping in vain for splatball. >.< We'll see. Last year kinda sucked so… not that I’m complaining about a day off…

Looking forward to the long weekend. We’ll be going up to the trailer on Buckhorn Lake, for the last time. It will be a bitter sweet trip. When I first starting going to the trailer, the park was quite nice. Lots of open spaces, fun things to do, well maintained, good atmosphere… Now sadly a big corp has bought it. They have crammed in trailers in ever spot possible filling in once open fields. The openness the site originally had has been replaced with a stale claustrophobia. Additionally the care the owners have is abysmal compared to the original owners… not to mention jacking up the cost… so, it isn’t surprising my parents are closing that chapter. There are a ton of happy memories associated with the park. Seeing it is no longer the peaceful escape it was, I can’t say I’m terribly disappointed to say good bye to it.

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