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review : Kai Doh Maru

July 20, 2004 @ 08:07 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

anime and animation, Kai Doh Maru

Kai Doh Maru

Kai Doh Maru

I enjoy watching full length anime moviesโ€ฆ I havenโ€™t watched tons of themโ€ฆ but Iโ€™m certainly learning to discern the difference in quality in various anime films. Kai Doh Maru from the beginning seemed to be a rushed, unfinished product without refinement in any area. The animation was at times bouncy (likely for effect, but it just didnโ€™t work) or choppyโ€ฆ Scenes were often disjointed and various actions seemed to skip framesโ€ฆ literally jumping from an action in progress to another further in the scene. The colour in the movie was washed out like a water color painting which only added to the rushed feeling I got from the film. The plot was strange and unsatisfying, leaving more questions than it answered with weak characters that I didnโ€™t care about anyway. Admittedly the film is very short but it seemed more like an experiment than an honest attempt at a film. The film did have a few moments that were interesting but they are sandwiched between various unfinished aspects of the film. As one of the characters said, โ€˜how frightening!โ€™โ€ฆ A pretty lack luster effort, mildly entertainingโ€ฆ โญโญโญ

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