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Married sibling

September 15, 2002 @ 10:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

Family, JP and Sibling

Married sibling

Married sibling

Well! My sister is married! It was a ‘boat cruise’ wedding… I liked it. the ‘dance’ portion was appalling short… like 10 songs. the boat pulls into the harbour and the DJ says ‘good night’… sigh. But my sister and her husband looked great, with the exception of a few minor things, everything went smooth. everyone had a good time… and were having a good time when..oops! ding! time to go.

So -of course- now all my relative ask…’so when are YOU getting married? It isn’t such a simple question to answer. Being laid-off now…and the gf back and school (very part-time) but intending on going to ‘teacher’s college’… somehow now doesn’t seem like a good time. Teacher’s college costs a wad a dough, I think a huge distraction while she is in school would be a mistake. Obviously after nearly ten years together we *should* get hitched. It is timing… After witnessing my sister’s wedding… it is a major, stressful, encompassing deal. Like I told people. ‘we’ll call you.’

Update: Yeeeep. (Dec. 2013)

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