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To Maple and more Maple

March 21, 2010 @ 08:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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mmm. this was French Toast… Also had Maple Tea which was good

mmm. this was French Toast… Also had Maple Tea which was good

Friday night I met up with KK to play some pool in his neck of the woods, Maple. Regrettably we haven’t got together much lately so it was awesome to get out. We’ve been playing pool together for close to two decades, so that’s a lot of games. I’ve won a few games but over the course of an evening he usually wins by a game or two. I’m happy to report I’ve finally come out on top. I played surprisingly well, even getting my first ever win off a break! It was awesome…KK even said where and how to hit it. Ok… so maybe you are right occasionally. 😛 Hopefully this can become a regular occurrence. Cheers mate!

Saturday we drove up to Barrie so B. could do some stain glass shopping. We met up with my sister and BIL and went over to their place for dinner. My BIL made some killer homemade burgers. Wow, they were good. We watched two movies. First was watched Taken and it was a fun action movie. I liked Liam Neeson as a pissed off kick ass vengeful Dad. ⭐⭐⭐½ The second movie was Hurt Locker the surprised Best Picture winner. I liked it but I don’t think it was worthy of Best Picture… ⭐⭐⭐½ We stayed over night in Oro-Medonte.

In the morning we went into Orillia for breakfast at Shaw’s. The place was a zoo. We waited 20m before we were seated and there was a line-up still when we left! I had French toast and they were quite good. I was hoping for a more extensive breakfast menu… but what I did eat was delicious. After breakfast we stopped for some baked goods at Mariposa and got some cookies and pastry. The pastry is good but the cookies have been a little disappointing. Overall a fun weekend up in O-M.

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