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From Mint to Manjaro then Xubuntu

April 20, 2018 @ 11:04 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Manjaro distro.

Manjaro distro.

Ah, the never-ending, always interesting distro search. I’ve been playing with various Linux distros for ages. Redhat, Ubuntu, Lubuntu Mint etc… I’ve been happily using Mint for a while, but one thing about it has ALWAYS made my skin crawl and make me frustrated with the anger of a thousand exploding Suns. Simply put, pulse-fscking-audio. I like Mint. It is solid. Most things just work. There is tons of software – it is easy to update. It has my favourite desktop environment, XFCE4 as an option… so it was love at first use. Over time, however, my audio would randomly stop working for no apparent reason. I’d waste HOURS on message boards trying different things, rebooting, uninstalling, reinstalling, reconfiguring etc. etc… Eventually, enough was enough, I mean there are TONS of distros – why not just try another.

So I did. Manjaro’s ranking on distrowatch was intriguing. I’m pretty sure I tried Manjaro before but switched to Mint. I don’t recall why. As it is a new install, it could run into the same issues as Mint, if so… on to the next distro… But so far, Manjaro has worked well ONCE INSTALLED. Installing it was a bit of a nightmare. I don’t fully understand Grub, MBR, and LVM hard drive format but they would NOT play nice with the Manjaro Installer AT ALL. I tried ever install option available, install in partition, format and install and of course, do your own configuration. All of them errored out and the install failed. Eventually, I found a way to remove the abhorrent LVM partition and I used Windows to recover MBR access. It was an incredible waste of time. There could have been a simple fix but the installer and I didn’t know what that was so… *shrug*

Manjaro has all the software I need. Steam, Chrome, Skype, Variety… so far so good. I’ll update on how it is going after a few weeks. These Linux installs always start off well but always seem to fail as a daily driver.

It was nice to see Terry Pegula (the Sabres owner) come clean in a letter to STH (season ticket holders). He said he is aware and disappointed with the team (duh!) and won’t raise ticket prices next season. A small consolation I suppose, but the acknowledgment of the situation, I found mildly encouraging.

Wow… Golden Knights swept the Kings. Leafs going to Boston facing elimination. Some interesting stories in this years playoffs.

TFC played their first leg of the Champions final vs. Chivas. What a disappointing game. They go into the second game well behind with two away goals against… it would take a miracle for them to win now.

Started AMC’s Into the Badlands on Netflix. Swords, action, okay story… I like how it is shot, a few episodes in, it isn’t bad.


So – of course – something doesn’t work. Steam is nothing but misery. It ran then Civ6 would crash (it never ran) tweaks…now nothing runs. Sigh.

And you wonder why Linux is slow to gain in popularity. Manjaro’s OWN steam package doesn’t work properly on MANJARO. LOLSZZzzz… Now it isn’t even booting. Ha. Format C:

Trying Xubuntu AGAIN. *sacrifies lamb to Linux Gawds*

Seriously. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here. Just run some basic steam games and a few apps. V_____V


So far… *smirk* My Xubuntu install is doing well. The problem with Civ6 *may* be due to using a dated video card. Now I have Steam loading fine, Civ5 loads, Civ6 does not. So, I may play around with other video cards I have… but they seem to bring driver issues for some reason… there is always something. It seems the newer something is, the less likely it will work, with any ease, with Linux…

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