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Magnolia at midnight

September 15, 2002 @ 05:09 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Whereโ€™s your head at?

Whereโ€™s your head at?

what the hell am I doing upโ€ฆ started watching Magnolia. (film) Jesus. Amazing. โญโญโญโญโ…“

Unreal wedding

WOW! My sister gets married AND Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo released in the same day. Sniffโ€ฆ Sniffโ€ฆ

unsung update

adding a little more personality to the lyrics pagesโ€ฆ Adding group logos to their page (and band members as well)โ€ฆ Lots of pages so, it will take awhile to update them all. Would like to add song titles beside each album as well. Some bands are already in this glorious format. stay tuned.

Update: Lyrics are gonzo. (Dec. 2013)

Two days to wedLOCK

Winding down! two days until my sisterโ€™s wedding. OOOโ€ฆ Ahhh! Should be fun. Must return to NeverWinter Nights.

Head check

โ€˜Whereโ€™s your head at?
Whereโ€™s your head at!โ€™

Basement Jaxx. Just because.

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