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Ma Bell has the ill communication

September 6, 2002 @ 06:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Just another day, for you and me, in paradise. 🎶

Oh, can I tell you how much Bell Canada sucks? Our phone has been having static on the line for weeks now… We call repair, the dumbass comes along, fixes the problem the static stops for about 24-72 hours. then baddabing! static again… We have had a Bell Service man fix our line no less than 6 times in the past 3 weeks. It is ridiculous. What a bunch of clowns. The horrible service they offer is likely since they are a monopoly. In this area we have no other choice for home telephone service. If we did we’d have dropped ‘Ma Bell ‘cuz of her ‘ill communications weeks ago. sad. FIX MY F’IN PHONE LINE! grr.

clean up

I have done a bunch of work on the blog. Now it has a little search (or query) feature to sort the blogs a bit better… I also cleaned up the appearance and added a ‘top’ option. Comments also now available. Phew!

Update: Date on this entry is wrong. (Dec. 2013)

and frustration, running wild…

bah. somedays i just feel like moving to an island. today was one of those days. likely the first of many. curious how quickly frustration and anger and disappointment can build.

Vous parlez anglais?

well. it was a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng drive. my gf and I started in Ontario and made our way up to Quebec. Begin Quebec rant…

OK…Canada IS a bilingual country correct? Some provinces show this better than others. Ontario is too English and Quebec is too french. Whereas I found New Brunswick seemed to make a very good effort to provide info in BOTH languages.

I found Quebec frustrating and unfriendly. All the signs are ONLY in french. I know the language ok, but when you are whipping along on a highway with some testosterone boy riding your ass and you have a second to decide to stay-on or stay off the highway and there is a big orange sign with a bunch of text you don’t understand.. it is WTF! I believe all public signs in ALL of Canada – everywhere – should be in BOTH languages.

I also often felt the Francophones were reluctant (perhaps as reluctant as I was to speak the little French I know) to speak English. It just created an uncomfortable atmosphere. It seems odd that a province that markets so heavily to English speaking tourists would be so stubborn in allowing both languages on their signs.

But the area around Mt.St.Anne was beautiful and old Quebec City interesting. It was unfortunate that I felt how I did about Quebec. It seemed like a great place otherwise. Having a nasty cold didn’t help matters much either.

New Brunswick was huge. Trees and rolling hills between the towns every 200km. But PEI was the destination, and it didn’t disappoint. Starting from the impressive Confederation Bridge to the lovely beaches. PEI was a good time. I had the best fish and chips I’ve ever eaten at Rick’s in St.Peters. Mmm! I regret not going back for more!

The drive home was along the 2 in the States. After a long day of driving we tried to find a hotel. No Vacancy. No Vacancy. WTF? Drive a bit. No vacancy. Ugh. Stop and ask at a hotel… no rooms for about 200 miles, some sort of Fair. So. We slept in the car.

After a brief stop outside of Peterborough at my parent’s trailer; we were glad to be home sleeping on a comfortable mattress once again.


Egads! couldn’t find a terminal to update while I was on holidays… so… a big -my holiday- blog soon. 4000km of driving. ugh. tired.

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