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Looking like a nice weekend

November 7, 2009 @ 08:11 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Google gets grouchy

Google gets grouchy

hehe, once again โ€“ google awesomeness. Oscar the grouch FTW!!

We drove up to Newmarket today to test drive a few cars. First observation โ€ฆ Newmarket is ridiculously busy on Yonge Street. The city may only have 80 thousand people but it seemed they all go shopping on Saturday. We stopped first at the Volkswagon dealer to try out a couple Golfs. The VW Rabbit and Golf are essentially the same car. There are a few variations of Golf. The entry Golf is the City, then there is the Golf and the sporty GTI. We drove the City and Golf. The Golf was more refined and peppier. It felt nice and solid and priced at only 3k more than a City it is a tempting option. The City was still a good drive, but after trying the Golf it felt hard to pass up on that car for an extra 3k.

The second stop was at Kia. Our salesman was really nice. We tried a Rio5 and Soul. The Rio 5 was pretty standard fair. A competent 5 door car that will give you decent gas mileage. It wasnโ€™t flashy or unique. The Soul however is a curiosity. I didnโ€™t initially know what to make of the boxy look. But I certainly warmed to it, especially after the test drive. The interior is roomy and modern looking. The target audience is clearly a younger crowd but the car is so practical Iโ€™m sure a broader audience (such as us) will give it a good look. Iโ€™m very intrigued by the Soulโ€ฆ.

Iโ€™m surprised I liked the Soul as much as I did. I like low cars, that is what Iโ€™ve driven for a decade. The Soul (to me) feels a little truck likeโ€ฆ but the handling is very car like. It had a feeling I think I could get used to.

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