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October 24, 2006 @ 11:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Pominville has a lot to celebrate!

Pominville has a lot to celebrate!

The weekend flew by again. It happens so often that it is expected I guess. Saturday we spent most of the day trying to sort out our window treatment upgrade problem situation from hell. Unless you know what you want expect grief if you trying to figure out drapes, blinds, fabrics, patterns, etc. because each of those has a billion books detailing choices you can use. It is unreal. I *think* we have decided on some styling blinds. We also looked at dishwashers โ€“ which was uneventful and entertainment units. This entertainment unit went smoother. B. already had an idea what she wanted and I agreed it was a nice choice, we lucked into finding it at Sears. We ended up ordering it today.

The weather was pretty awful. I was hoping to enjoy a nice fall hike but rain made hiking an unpleasant option. Bah. Maybe we can squeeze it in next weekend?

What a start for the Sabres! One more win (which would make nine in a row!) would tie an NHL season starting record. GO SLUGS!

Not sure what our breeder did to our dog when she was in New York. She is ridiculously sucky. Gawd.