La Dee DahJanuary 26, 2010 @ 08:01 pm 🔗 Post Linkhealth, work, hernia, McDonald’s Ughh


I worked from home today. I love working from home. It just saves so much time and I get so much more done both for work and for home. I spend two hours less in the car. I walk in the dog in daylight. Dinner is ready on time…Hopefully sometime soon my employer will come to their senses and allow me this privilege one day a week.

Today I met with the hernia surgeon for a follow up. The meeting was about 1 minute 23 seconds. ‘Yup, looks good. The thick skin will disappear and everything should be back to normal. Have a nice day’. Right. Thanks.

I was under the influence of daemons and stopped at McDonald’s on the way out of Orangeville. Yes the world rags on Mickey D’s as being ghetto… but WTF is going on now? McDonald’s got a major renovation. There was a ‘fireplace’, tasteful modern colour scheme, wood tables and chairs… it looked more like a cafe than a fast food restaurant. What is up with that? It is confusing my brain.

It is getting cold again. There is waaay too much ice on the fields I walk the dog in. That ice ain’t going anywhere…