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Unconscious Knowledge

August 10, 2004 @ 10:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Nothing's Shocking

Nothing's Shocking

There are a few lines in Jane Addiction’s Pigs in Zen that, for whatever reason, have stuck with me since I first heard them ages ago…
‘Some people should die/That’s just unconscious knowledge…’

I’m certainly not advocating violence of any kind… There is already way more than enough of that around. Just watch the news at 6 if you need a fix. But if you really think about it… I’m sure there are people you have came across in your life that have affected (and afflicted) you in a grossly negative way. I know I could name a few. How would your life have evolved without having met these people… if they had never existed or if they merely disappeared would it profoundly make a difference in your life or would it merely be postponing the same situation with someone else. Or is it something you are doing without being aware of it? Some odd subconscious behaviour?

I drive a lot on the major highway between myself and my girlfriend. Driving gives you ample opportunity, I think, to see a cross section of people and personalities. There will always be people who drive too fast, maybe cut you off occasionally, drive a little too close or linger in left lane too long… Pretty standard stuff I guess. But then there are the more reckless people who frankly endanger those around them and take unnecessary risks with aggressive stupid driving. I always think ‘unconscious knowledge’ to myself when I see one of these cretins. I think it is one thing to risk your own life, but when your behaviour endangers other you need to check yourself (before you wreck yourself).

I think this is more than the mere blame game. Far beyond mere driving, which was just an example, I think there are people out there with serious reckless, cruel, selfish and greedy intentions that I know I wouldn’t miss. I bet these people aren’t even aware of the misery they have caused and wouldn’t care if confronted with it. Speculation perhaps. I believe there is less kindness, patience and trust of each other than I ever recall. Maybe I’m just noticing it more for whatever reason. But I think it is pretty sad. The pettiness and selfishness I have witnessed on occasion makes me wonder the direction humanity is taking.

Admittedly I’m no saint. I have fuck off don’t talk to me days but I will isolate myself because I know I’m so vitriolic. I like to think I give notice and warning. No one needs my misery so I try not to share it.

I don’t see human interaction and behaviour ever really evolving that much either. We are what we are. Humanity is a strange combination of reason, emotion, logic, understanding and experience. But it is still possible for the subtlest of action to change someone else’s perception or attitude. But how would this happen? What would make someone try harder? Be more considerate or not flip that middle finger. Has the stress and the pace of life become too fast for us to deal with, so we dump on each other? Or is that just people baby? Regardless… if we are just an experiment for some omniscient being in a cosmic dish somewhere… I certainly wonder what she thinks of us…

‘The pig / Pa-pa-pa-pa-pig…’
–Pigs in Zen by Jane’s Addiction

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