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October 27, 2006 @ 11:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Wow. Friday already. Weekdays seem to blur together. The repetitive grind of scheduled working life I suppose. I really never feel I have enough time to spread around. Time for myself, time for the gf, hobbies, pets, housework, gamingโ€ฆI really could use another 4 hours each day at home to do things but finding the energy at time on a weeknight is difficult. I assume it is even worse for B. who starts earlier and often has longer days. I wonder at times what it is all for? To have a place to live? To be able to live well. For comfort? Materialism? We are made to feel empowered by buying nice things. Is that wrong? It is wrong to want to create an environment that makes you feel good? I donโ€™t think so. Home is the one place in life where you get to have โ€˜mostlyโ€™ complete say over everything. (assuming you and your spouse can agree โ€“ which is another story all together) No one tells you what to place where, what colours, what things, what is right. So Iโ€™m looking forward to continuing the evolution of our living space at home. As each facet of the change completes itself I do feel more and more โ€˜at homeโ€™. Which is a wonderful feeling.

Wow. How โ€™bout them Sabres! Tied the NHL record for most wins to start a season. Tomorrow they try to break it. GO SABRES!!!

Weekend will, of course, be busy. Already two birthday parties and a concert. Iโ€™m umโ€ฆ going to a country showโ€ฆthe umโ€ฆ Dixie Chicks. More later. Ahem. ๐Ÿ™‚