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Killaloe Weekend

July 5, 2004 @ 09:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Well, B. and I spent a lot of time in a car this weekend… and didn’t manage to kill each other. First we drove up to Killaloe to visit her parents. Trips to Killaloe always seem to have a strong tension to them… the closer we get the more apparent it becomes. I don’t all the whys but her relationship with her parents is different, and for her to discuss or not discuss… Fortunately, this was a rather uneventful visit and everyone at least seemed to be getting along. We spent most of the time at Round Lake with her cousin, aunt and uncle. They have a cottage on the lake and enjoy entertaining and having company over. We found a little time to do some kayaking on the second day (Saturday) in Killaloe, the first I went out briefly, but the waters were too turbulent and it was kinda scary (and I didn’t want to get wet…) so forget about it.

We left late Saturday afternoon and stopped in Ennismore to visit my parents at their trailer. My parents got us tickets to see The Lincolnairs that night. They are a 50s cover band… and their music is much slicker than their website. smirk I guess playing 46 years together (yes 46) would do that… I didn’t like all their song selections… but they were highly entertaining and well worth a see. My parents (much more suited to that decade of music) thought they were amazing. It was homeward today. First, however, my mother, B. and I made a short trip to Lakefield, the women did some shopping. I was there for the Ice Cream. Any trip to Lakefield would be incomplete without stopping for Ice Cream at Hamblin’s Family Restaurant & Pizza & Ice Cream Parlour… Today I had Chocoberry Blast. Yummy!

Naturally we were dreading the drive home on the 401 after a holiday weekend and nearly rightly so. Some asshole decided to pass a bunch of cars that had just slowed down for someone turning. This idiot drove blindly down the left lane into on coming traffic. The roads in this area were hilly and you couldn’t tell what was over the hills in front of you… Well, there was an oncoming car and we watched this asshole just manage to duck back into the right lane, narrowly missing, what would have been a head on collision. It was very close… I figure a few car lengths short of some certain fatalities… Unbelievable. Slow the fuck down people and use your head. It is one this to risk your own life but when your stupidity endangers other innocent people it is time to remove your DNA from gene pool. Sigh.

Thanks to my Dad’s special route home (which I may share later) we never touched the 401 and were making great time until we ran into the storm passing through the area. Did I mention we had a kayak strapped to the roof of the car? The storm we were passing through suddenly got very dark, windy and the rain poured down hard upon us… One violent gust manage to jar the kayak slightly… enough to push it over about a foot. That was enough. Not wanting to risk damaging the kayak we pulled over and waited the storm out… Lots and lots of lightning… Phew. The rest of the trip home was thankfully uneventful. I’m sure there is more, but I’m beat.

P.S. Have a great first day at work B. 🙂

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