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KEXP – a great EXPerience

February 22, 2004 @ 09:02 pm 🔗 Post Link

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KEXP – a great EXPerience

KEXP – a great EXPerience

Recently I’ve been listening to streaming audio stations a lot.. simply because commercial radio *does indeed suck ass*. Gee, let’s hear that same song again spanky. I’ve been giving KEXP a generous listening too. It is more modern rock and all sorts of different stuff tossed in… mostly based on listener requests. Certainly a breath of fresh air. Checka- checka- checka- check it out.

Play that funky music white boy

Friday evening was spent at B.’s friend Trish’s place. She had a 70’s fondue birthday party. I will go on record: tempura fried broccoli is just divine. yum. yum. YUM! It seemed most of Trish’s friends were very extroverted, singing, playing the piano… where as your truly is clearly not. (Well. not usually) So it was fun. But there came a time when it was time to leave. Happy Birthday Trish.

We had a crazy turn out for hockey this weekend. Nearly 20 guys… It was quite competitive… Of course… beginning injury boy, I got tripped near the end of the game, creating a nasty bruise on my upper thigh. I was expecting it to get all black, purple and gross… but it is just a painful pink at the moment. In the early evening nIVEK and I grabbed a ‘gourmet’ pizza and watched the Leafs drop one to the Habs. ThatEdGuy came over as well… Had a few dobro Karlovacko pivo! Thanks to nIVEK for the Deep Cold… and ice — the bruise seems better today.

The evening was spent on the couch with B. who let me know it is my duty and responsibility to talk while on the telephone. Gah. Is there a device I hate more? I think not. Something are private and I only feel comfortable discussing them in private. Period.

Sens Burn Leafs

Ahhh yes… A wonderful beginning… Maybe those dumbass leaf fans should put away their tinfoil cups until they are in the stanley cup finals… Go Sens! Go!

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