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November 5, 2002 @ 08:11 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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happy retirement!

happy retirement!

well, Iโ€™m still having little success finding a decent full-time jobโ€ฆ you might think it would be like a holiday or something being at home. Well it isnโ€™t. It is hard to enjoy hobbies and guilty pleasures when you feel you *should* be workingโ€ฆ some days it gets hard to maintain a positive outlook. You apply to positions you *know* you are qualified for, and no one calls. It is that little bit of rejection over and overโ€ฆ Fortunately Iโ€™ve had a few side projects to occupy my time. I donโ€™t mind being Mr.Momโ€ฆ but Iโ€™d rather be working. Anyways. Ho-hum.

Get into the game!

Had โ€˜the boysโ€™ over for NHL 2003 on the Xbox. Rented it. It isnโ€™t bad.. certainly a little different than NHL 2002. Much harder I find. Bills and Sabres lost, great day for Buffalo. Sigh.


One of my best friendโ€™s father is finally retiring. His retirement party was yesterday. Good food. Good to see people appreciating all of what he has done in his career. Also good to have a few โ€˜popsโ€™ with my buddy. ๐Ÿ™‚

And tonight I had the company of another friend. I donโ€™t get to see her very often so it is always cool to shoot the shit and catch up. I usually do a lot of listening. ๐Ÿ™‚ Which is cool. Iโ€™m glad she can talk to me.


wow. First snowfall of the season. Here comes winter Batman. Time to get out the snow shovels and winter boots. Right on, eh.

Bits and pieces

A few cosmetic changes to the site (as well as some coding changes to the blog)โ€ฆ Now search will look in the body of entries and entry titles for a match. smart huh?

Another Halloween passes. Great pumpkin this year. Iโ€™ll show you if the photos turn out. Very evil. MoooHAhahaโ€ฆBram Stokerโ€™s Dracula is on. (oh! is that why I searched for a Ryder pic?) uh-huh.

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