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April 7, 2024 @ 02:04 am ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Family, Ball Hockey, 2024 Eclipse, Anatomy of a Fall

Nice form guy

Nice form guy

I guess I got it into my head the eclipse was Friday.... It is Monday. The world ends Monday. Glad we get a few more days!

It was an odd week with bdot watching the nephews in Aurora then having Juno here. He is an unsettled dog. Suki is not a fan. Moch doesn't care about anything. Snoog is happy to have someone to chew on.

Ball Hockey is back! We started a new season Friday. It is the first week so we had an informal night. There were skills competitions and a 'community' game. I took part in a few events. My shots aren't accurate and my breakaway was sloppy but I did have a impressive 76KPH slapshot (better than last year!). Which was tops for non-carbon flex sticks. The guy with the flex stick was getting over 90! HA! It looks like we are getting some new additions to our team... Also some talk of some possible departures. I've played with some of these guys for years... Not sure what I think about this yet...it will mean more competitive teams so... *shrug*

Bdot was out with the dogs most of the afternoon. Brian was over for Pizzaville. Afterwards, we watched Anatomy of a Fall last night. It has an staggering 96/90 rating on Rotten Tomatoes. And yes, it was very good. It surrounds the case of how a character fell to their death. Suicide? Murder? Each side plays out in a very weird French court where it seems anything goes. (Some French have said this is a reasonable depiction! Don't get arrested in France!) The acting was good and the story was compelling. I would have preferred a definitive answer to the question 'did she murder her husband'? But I guess part of the charm is that it was left open to interpretation... But, the son sided with the mother which may have been the subtle way of answering that question. Still, it was very entertaining. The jumping back and forth between English and French was a bit irritating. โญโญโญโญโ…“

I've only read speculation about what is going on but... The Police have closed the parks behind us off...something is going on...Still no answer?

Sabres continue to win-lose to end their 13th straight playoffs-less season. Thanks Terry! Canadian women looking great at the Worlds. TFC is coming back to Earth with a thud. Ugh.


What a BIG NOTHING. I guess Caledon was outside the band of the eclipse. It certainly did darken but the sky was never 'black'. It was also painfully overcast. How disappointing.

๐Ÿ™„ Oh. there you are. Sigh...

๐Ÿ™„ Oh. there you are. Sigh...

HA! No less than 2h after the eclipse... beautiful, clear skies. FML. I'll be dead next time it comes around.

What a great game today at the Woman's World. Canada v. U.S.. 0-0 going into OT! Sadly U.S. had a odd man rush after a Canadian was taken down (no penalty) and scored...

America continues its hypocrisy (pointed out by Jon Stewart) after condemning ALL land grabs by nations that use force. Then Israel does it and the Biden administration has been doing verbal gymnastics for months trying to justify it. Where is the leadership? Where is the adhering to principles? Where is the concern for humanity?

Canada falling short again against the U.S. a the She Believes Cup... Got it to penalties but still couldn't get it done. They had a chance to win too... SMH.

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