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October 11, 2008 @ 09:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Stuff, Collingwood



I took Friday off since B. and were going to the Turkey Tent sale at Blue Mountain in Collingwood. It is the yearly sale of winter gear and ski equipment. In general this yearโ€™s sale was pretty underwhelming. The selection of jackets and other stuff seemed to be significantly less than in past years. Meh. Fortunately the sale wasnโ€™t the only game in town. Other businesses in the area, such as Skiis and Bikes, also had a sale. B. found a more formal coat at S&B. We wandered around a bunch of stores at Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain is crazy. It is like a little city full of shops, restaurants, lodges, golf course etc. She ended up finding a nice jacket at one of the many shops there. I looked as well for stuff, but nothing in particular caught my eye today. We ended up having lunch at a decent Greek restaurant at BM. I really enjoyed the food. They had super tasty Tzatziki and the entrees were good too. It is amazing we finished them after all the bread and Tzatziki we pounded back. The weather was nice for wandering around. We also stopped at a heaven on Earth Chocolate shop. Pretty much everything in the store looked amazing. It was pretty pricy however so we only got a few things. -smirk- I enjoyed the day with B.. She was away most of the week so it was good to have a whole day together. It happens quite rarely.

My Sabres started the year off well with a big shootout win against the Habs! GO SABRES!

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