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Zimโ€™s dog Gir. Gir is funny!

Yes I saw Ironman on Monday night and it was very good. Robert Downey Jr. was impressive in the role. The film had just enough humour and wit as well action and sci-fi. Iโ€™m not surprised it rated so well (93%!) on Rotten Tomatoes. Go see it now!

Started watching a new cartoon series Invader Zim. Cute, strange and funny. Curious to see how it develops, Iโ€™m only 2 episodes in.

The hockey playoffs are pretty much over for me. With the elimination of both the Habs and the Rangers Iโ€™m done in the pool and there isnโ€™t even a sentimental favourite left. Maybe the Pens, only because I hate the Flyers so much. As should any Sabresโ€™ fan. ๐Ÿ˜›

We looked at a few more houses tonight. The last was by far the best. But sadly the backyard was *just* a pool. No grass at all, but the neighbourhood was great. Hopefully more will come up. The Agent has a very good idea of what we want soโ€ฆ just a matter of timeโ€ฆ