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I just wanted ice cream….

July 11, 2004 @ 09:07 pm 🔗 Post Link




After having dinner at the always yummy sahla thai this evening with my sister, her husband and bdot we decided we’d met for ice cream. Unfortunately… we didn’t get there.

While driving there we witnessed — then become involved in a fairly vicious dog attack. It was truly unreal. We were driving along when suddenly we saw a dog dart across the street and it hit the side of a car, yelped, fell over, then kept running across the street. Then we heard screaming. Apparently this dog (a Pit Bull – GO FIGURE) was actually running to attack another dog that was being walked across the street. We initially had stopped to see if the dog that was just hit was ok… Now a frantic dog owner (the dog being attacked was a good sized German Sheppard – maybe twice the size of the pit bull) was trying to remove the pit bull from her dog… Well we ran to see what was going on… we thought maybe a human was being bitten. I tried (along with another bystander) tried to separate the dogs… It was unbelievable… Pulling hard at the dog’s leg and it held tight. Eventually the pit bulls owner (or at least who the dog was bought for apparently – a young boy, maybe 10 years old – who was also frantic) eventually brought a collar and someone had a leash (since *of course* the pit bull wasn’t leashed) and we were able to attach the collar, then the leash, then pull the dogs apart… The pit bull surprisingly seemed to suffer the most… it was fairly bloody… and the other bystander had a fair bit of blood on his arm (ironically I think he was a vet…) Police came… B. and I gave statements… We also talked to the Humane Society.. who informed us that there is nothing they can do other than fine her for having a leash less dog. Apparently the Health Department determines (after a 10 day quarantine) if the dog is a threat and should be put down. Well.. you got my vote. It was pretty gruesome and disturbing. Thankfully the pit pull didn’t turn on any of the people, otherwise this could have been a very different story. Also… had it been virtually any other breed of dog that was attacked, I’m certain it would have been killed.

After this was done… neither of us wanted ice cream. Gah….

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