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Hockey night in Canada

February 21, 2010 @ 07:02 pm 🔗 Post Link

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La Scandinave

La Scandinave

What a day! B. and I ventured up to Collingwood for a day at La Scandinave. The what? It is a day spa, hot tubs, dry sauna, steam sauna… a place to go and relax. For the most part it was. In spite of there being ‘quiet’ signs *everywhere* some people still talk and ruin the tranquil atmosphere. Idiots… Regardless, it was a fun day with B., the weather cooperated as well. I had my first massage by a ‘guy’ today. It was a little odd. I’m sure he read the disappointment when he said ‘Dave?’. And my eyes rolled. I noticed the strength difference immediately. Good lord, I thought he was going to break my skin and grab my heart at times. I feel pretty ‘worked over’ now. In the lounge we grabbed a little lunch. Adoring the walls in the lounge was art by Jennifer Woodburn. She has some stunning pieces. We were very tempted by Been Around For a Long Time. I don’t think the image does it justice.

So after rushing home I’m slowly deflated watching Canada v. U.S. in hockey as Canada brought the suck. I’m a huge hockey fan… but hockey is no longer Canada’s game. To say so is to be delusional. The Americans played with heart, intensity and passion – I thought those were hockey Canada trademarks??! Sure Miller stood on his head but there wasn’t any drive from Canada until it was too late in the third. And Marty… seriously WTF…brutal. I pray he doesn’t see another minute representing Canada. You’ve done your tour, now sit. Gold now becomes a long shot. Canada has to beat both Germany and a rested and waiting Russia… I hope they come up with a better effort or Vancouver may be burnt to the ground.

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