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Burning up in here

It was a short work week. It didnโ€™t really feel like a short work week. Yesterday I was at a work event that started at 7:30AM so, we had to be there for 6:30โ€ฆwhich meant I was up at *gasp* 4:30AM. Ya fun. I figured we would get off early after the event, but no, we closed at the normal time. -eyeroll- Of course on the drive home after an extra long day my route was detoured and I got turned around for 30-40m trying to get back to the road home. Bloody hell. I guess somewhere in there I hit a second wind after I got home and took the dog for a good long run. I jogged a fair bit of the trail back. It actually feltโ€ฆ good? Hmmpt. Iโ€™m not sure the plans for the weekend. I think we are toying with the idea of going to her sisterโ€™s cottage for a night. Stay tuned sports fans.

We had a HVAC guy in yesterday and a bunch of settings and sensors werenโ€™t functioning properly. (On our new AC unit) Awesome. Nice install guys. I believe it is working properly now however.

The heat was so bad here the arena where I play ball hockey had some issues. Apparently the concrete was โ€˜sweatingโ€™ and players in the first game of the night were wiping out so the refs called all the games for the rest of the evening. There is talk of relocating the games to a different arena now, one of which is 5m for home! ๐Ÿ˜€