The Horripilation!

February 10, 2007 @ 10:02 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Good bye sweet prince

Good bye sweet prince

There must be a misprint or omission of truth. Apparently there is no MSG in the tasty popcorn โ€˜Smartfoodโ€™. Lies! I hope the CIA and FBI are on this.

Well my Dad who didnโ€™t seem to want to touch a computer a few months ago is becoming quite the geek. (perhaps it is genetic after all?) He (and my mother) are now reading and posting on blogs, MSNing daily (with smilies, winksโ€ฆ the whole deal) and surfing all over the web. Who would have thought? I think it is great. With my sister now several provinces over, my parents having a computer (and Internet) as a communication tool seemed indispensable to me. Hopefully soon I will show them some form of audio chat via MSN or Skype.

In sad and tragic news Micro$oft has decided to terminate Clippy. โš ๏ธ (404 link removed - Jan/24) With all the extra resources now available to M$ Iโ€™m expecting great things from Vi$ta. But from what Iโ€™ve read it is pretty disappointing. It has DX10 but there are no DX10 games and you need a DX10 Video card to use itโ€ฆ so *shrug* My impression is XP works fine for games. Apparently game performance in Vi$ta sucks โš ๏ธ (404 link removed - Jan/24) anyway. The UI is improved : donโ€™t care; it doesnโ€™t look better than any Mac OS or KDE have for *years*. Security is improved : Iโ€™ll believe it after Vi$ta has been out a year or two. So far I donโ€™t see any compelling reason to switch. If anything, for the first time in my life I would consider (yes Iโ€™m saying this on my Blog) a umโ€ฆ Mac. They are now Intel based so I can duel boot and enjoy the simplicity of running a Mac. Perhaps my next PC. Whoa.

Crazy snow outsideโ€ฆ phew.