Cleaning, coding, reading, gaming.

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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Spent most of today at home. Cleaning, coding, reading, gaming. In the evening got groceries with the Dot (which is always a fun experience). Back to school tomorrow. Meme time!

Mutterings โ€“ Week 87
Courage:: it couldnโ€™t come at worseโ€ฆ time. -The Tragically Hip
Stamina::lasts longer
Leader:: of the Pack
Idea:: Man
Rockstar:: Superstar!
Dew:: Mountain
Guards:: Seize them!
Lenny:: Bruce
Alliance:: Member
Cigarettes:: Kill

and last weekโ€™s Chooseday.
Would you rather:
be forced to listen to nothing but barry manilow tunes for 36 hours OR metallica?
Even though they are greedy self centered sell outsโ€ฆ Metallica.

french kiss richard simmons OR gene simmons (lead singer of kiss)?
Gene. Gimme the tongue baby. -smirk-

wear a pink tutu everywhere you go for a week OR a big cat-in-the-hat hat?
Cat in the Hat hat.

uncontrollably kick people in the shins when you first meet them OR pinch their hiney?
Hmmm. Neither. ๐Ÿ˜›

Update: Meme links are dead. Entry date is a guess.