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The Happy Holidays

December 28, 2008 @ 10:12 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Ahhh the Christmas blur. It has passed. Christmas Eve we got some final Christmas gifts. I drove down Weston road to Vaughan to the Michaelโ€™s and LCBO at highway 7. Iโ€™ve never taken that route, it was fairly rural. The plaza was predictably chaotic. The parking lots were packed but strangely the stores were busy but they didnโ€™t have long line-ups. At home B. spent the majority of the day getting the house and dinner ready for Christmas day. Christmas day we hosted dinner for my parents and sister and her family (and dogs). We had a 18.62 pound turkey. It was a massive, grain fed, free range bird, and it was delicious. Dinner was delicious. B. made some fantastic stuffing. I think everyone was pretty full afterwardsโ€ฆ we didnโ€™t eat dessert for another hour or so. It was good to see everyone. Traditionally my immediate family gets together every year on the 24th. B. and I were just too tired and too busy to drive down to Niagara, not to mention the weather was pretty nasty. It was disappointing not to get to see my family but at some point the go go go go has to stop.

I got some great presents this year. Foremost I got an iPod touch! It is a wonderful little toy. Iโ€™ve been playing with it non-stop since I got it. It was a difficult to get it online however. I have no idea why the iPod wouldnโ€™t connect. I must have entered my WEP key a dozen times. Eventually I just made a new key and used it and Bam! it worked. iTunes is pretty cool too and there are a ton of free apps available. Iโ€™ve been filling up my iPod with music, pics and apps. I can see it being a very useful toy. Thanks hon. But wait, there is more. (Yes I got a lot of thoughtful and generous gifts this year) I got a Gorillapod for my camera, it is amazing. Iโ€™m looking forward to using it and the shots it will allow me to get. I received a ton of candy and some nice sweaters, digital photo holder and a Tolkien book. Phew. I gave B. a GPS and we played a bit with it. I think it a great device. Just tell it what you are looking for or where you want to go and it gives you turn by turn directions. I think it is pretty impressive.

Boxing day was more relaxing at B.โ€™s sisterโ€™s new house in Aurora. It was B.โ€™s first trip to the new house. B. loved the place and how it was appointed. After dinner we left with B.โ€™s brother and decided to try out the GPS. GPS, find us a Future Shop! *Type it in* Voila! Directions to the closest store. I think that is incredibly useful and convenient. I can see the GPS saving a lot of time and question on where to turn next. I might get my own. So we went into Future Shop to get a iPod speaker dock and left with a 1000W 5 speaker system for the great room. We felt for the money it made sense to get something for the whole room not just the iPod. The system has an iPod dock as well allows for USB input. It is pretty impressive and has good sound, it is great to be off the TV speaker. Heh. We finally got home to watch the Canadian Juniors beat the Czechs. Go Canada!

We had a fairly relaxing day yesterday. We ventured through some nasty fog in the evening to Brampton to visit Kelly and Doris. It was good to see them. I need to update more often, these massive updates are killer.

update :

Spelling fixes. Good lord. Iโ€™m sure there are more. Crazy win by Team Canada today winning over Kazakhstan 15-0. Ouch.

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