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September 26, 2003 @ 09:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

bdot, friends, Ding and Jeanie

recharge weekend

recharge weekend

I know it was last weekend, but i never did mention that I enjoyed the unistar gig at Clinton’s. They had a bunch of new rocking material – who knew? The evening was a lot of fun although Ding was over burdened with people to visit since many of his friends came out to see him rock. Congrats to Ding as well… as he announced his engagement to Jeanie. I wish them well. 🙂

After all the consecutive weeekends away… this one looks like it will be low key. Snuggling, TV, cooking and a few walks, which is good… we need a cheap, recharge weekend. It will be nice just to kick back and relax with B.. We have had a crazy busy summer for sure. Rewarding, exciting, enjoyable but very busy… the fall and winter should also be busy but I think in a different way…We both have allergies, and suffer badly in the spring and summer… so the fall and winter is much better for enjoying the outdoors. I believe we’ll try to get outdoors more. Should be a great season. I look forward to the time together.

spam this

Ahh yes. spam spam spam spam wonderful spam wonderful spam! We all have to deal with penis enlargement ads, selling this and that and crap up to and beyond our eyeballs… I find it an intrusive, horribly annoying invasion into my mailbox… I’ve tried several spam stoppers, blockers etc. One which was quite good was Cloudmark’s spamnet…. but it is a pay service. (Bah! :P) I found spam fighter recently which appears to work much the same as Spamnet, but it is free! So if your inbox gets overloaded with crap you might want to check it out. I’m using it with Outlook 2000 with (thus far) very good results. When will there be laws against spam. Gah!

Update: Link still good. (Nov. 2013)

Microsoft software IS a threat to national security

A funny ZDNet Poll:
Is Microsoft software a threat to national security?
Yes. 416 (74%)
No 143 (26%)


Update: link is sadly dead.

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