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Who is in hell?

August 29, 2004 @ 04:08 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link


corrupt like a senator

corrupt like a senator

Most people think hell is filled with Lawyers and Salesmenโ€ฆ well I think that list really needs to be amended, and Insurance CEOs added to the top of the list. First off, you *have* to have car insurance. Get stopped without it and you can get ticketed (or worse). Home insurance too. Try getting a mortgage without it. So clearly the ball is deep in the insurance thieves court.

At any time without notice or discussion they can jack up your rates. And at any time, without notice or discussion, if *they* deem you a high risk they can drop you. This sounds like a carte blanche utopian business climate to me. Where the hell is the accountability?? And as soon as anything goes wrong and you make a claim (the purpose of having insurance) your rates skyrocket to thousands! My understanding is a rate increase is frozen for at least three years. In many cases a claim can jack your rates from 1500 a year to 6000 a year. So, 3 x 6000, is not that close to the cost of a new car??!! One woman asked her insurer whether she would be covered if her sewer backed up. That call counted as a claim* The same article said insurance companies made 2.6 Billion in profit last year in Canada. It seems the insurance logic is people need to see insurance not a tool for maintenance but as a guard against catastrophe.* So basically, unless your house is destroyed. Do not make a claim.

I find it repugnant what they are getting away with. And I recall a W5 (like 60 Minutes) segment where Insurance companies were refusing to pay injured people because after years of therapy they recovered *partial* use of their body, I hope Satan stokes the fire good and hot for these greedy pencil pushing insensitive bastards.

* from Macleans , July 26, 2004 p.28

Updated: W5 link is dead.

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