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May 2, 2004 @ 10:05 pm 🔗 Post Link

Family, outdoors

walking in a fog

walking in a fog

Tee-hee. Ooops! No the blog didn’t die… I just had the code displaying according to the current month (since there weren’t any – there was nothing to display!) – it should have simply shown the last bunch of entries. -blush-

Anyways, B. and I spent the weekend in Peterborough… Grandview trailer park with my parents. In spite of the rain it was a good time. It was also rather emotional… We got a message that one of my parent’s closest friends who was battling cancer may have lost her battle. It seemed to affect my Dad quite a bit as he, uncharacteristically recounted a bunch of personal stories from his life… He told me about the death of his father. Apparently he died in my father’s arms, his last words, ironically, ‘I feel great’. It seems my father is also contemplating his own mortality… It was eerie and unsettling to hear your father say he is ‘scared’ of the future and getting old sometimes feels like ‘walking in a fog’ with an uncertain future. Phew. Pretty heavy shit. I’m still dwelling on all of what he said… it was very moving.

On the way out of town, we stopped at Wild Rock outfitters in Peterborough. B. was looking for a PDF…no…! PFD… She found a few good options, but will likely wait to get one from Swift.

There was an odd cartoon, very similar to South Park… but totally Canadian called Chilly Beach. I thought it was actually pretty well written and funny… Will have to catch it again…

Nice game LOAFS. 7-2. Gah. Better wake up soon! Fore!

Update: Wildrock & Swift links still work. Chilly Beach is dead.

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