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January 31, 2008 @ 10:01 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link


Piss off.

Piss off.

Yes Iโ€™m grumpy. No it has nothing to do with B. (this time) - I think it has more to do with work and not being home and rushing between them. I was told by the Publisher last week that we were essentially done DS, this week we find that isnโ€™t the case and DS work has dragged on all week. So I tried to clamp down on the delays and got โ€˜warnedโ€™ about my โ€˜toneโ€™ in e-mail. F*%%*$@ Someone in this process needs to say things arenโ€™t working. There are way too many cooks involved and they are all cooking a different and conflicting meal. It is incredibly frustrating.

Delays are caused by bugs in the game by Quality Assurance before they even checked if the bugs are still active and valid. There are two QA teams looking at the game and I swear they have never picked up the phone to talk to each other. AND! they are the same company! Communication and action is only *reaction* to problems. No one is ever proactive. The process isnโ€™t working with us as developers it is merely contributing the minimum. There is more, much moreโ€ฆ I was excited when I thought it was all over, and now that it is dragging on it is twice as painful.

Anyway, at least the Sabres have won a few games.

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