Dogs are gross

February 24, 2024 @ 01:02 am ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Dogs are gross. Fun story. If you gross out easy - skip this entry... We now suspect our lovely dog ate a bunch of human shit during her walk today. Well, that shit came back up today at 1AM, all over carpet and kennel blankets. Let me tell you... Sure, shit smells bad but vomited shit, wow brother, that is seriously next level. Ugh. Unbelievable. One day we may laugh about this but, I'm too grossed out to at the moment.

Well, listening to the local soccer pundits, it sure sounds like TFC will be bottom of the table. Unless there is some, unexpected, Herdman coaching miracle. Ho-Hum.

Ball comes loose to the point... The shot! SCOOOORES!

Ball comes loose to the point... The shot! SCOOOORES!!!

It was another fun night of ball hockey. We won our game but it was pretty tight. There were a few new players that really elevated the game. They really pushed us. The score didn't reflect how I felt the game went. The second game was really mostly our team and the two remain Yellow team players. It was against Black, a really good team. It was tight to the final minute. I was the sucker who tossed out a pizza pie that was intercepted for a goal to tie late. But somehow, I stayed on and got a point shot through that went in with under a minute left so the go ahead goal. Talk about a karmic 180. *whistles* I'm really tired though. I think we have one game left before the finals. Sure didn't need dog shit vom night. *ahem* I was a bit surprised to see the fitbit stats were lower than last week. The max heart rate was only 159bpm and 11512 steps. Somehow reached close to 180bpm last week. My legs would disagree.

6K lights out tonight

Wow. Impressive efforts have sadly been rare this season for the Sabres. But, wow, tonight was excellent. The boys even overcame some incredibly dubious penalties too. It took the shootout, but any win against the Cans is glorious. THREE GAME WINNING STREAK. I know it nothing at this point but it is nice to actually enjoy a game for once...

TFC actually looked okay today against a quality Cincinnati team. Herdman gets a road tie in his debut. I'll take it!

I'm rewatching Walking Dead and the first six seasons are still awesome. I do think the arrival of Negan (who is an incredible character) does, however, change the vibe of the series. And we lose some important characters. Frankly, I couldn't rewatch the Negan 'entrance' episode again. The series changes after that into something different. I'm not sure how many more seasons I'll watch.