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Slave to the grind

January 5, 2010 @ 10:01 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Gah, as expected, returning to work after being off a week was โ€˜shellshock in the kitchenโ€™. It was a busy week but I did sleep in a fair bit and wasnโ€™t too concerned about when I went to bed, so the 6AM Monday morning buzzer seemed disturbingly shrill. I did drag my ass outta bed and made it to work on time however. A week off full of commitments and appointments wasnโ€™t that relaxing, of the week we did nothing maybe 4 days. It would be nice to do everything and still have a full week to laze around but sadly that doesnโ€™t happen. Does anyone really feel refreshed and revised coming back to work Jan 4th? I think not.

B. and I started watched Dexter last night. I will be surprised if B. watches the whole series. It really isnโ€™t that gory. It is more the Hitchcockian suggested violence not the Saw splatter everywhere violence. Granted it is implied in Dexter and you do see some of the aftermath, but I donโ€™t find it that disturbing. The lead character is simply excellent in the role too.

Big game for the Canadian boys. A chance to prove me wrong about their heart and dedication. It should be a great game tonight. Go Canada!

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