Sabres look a little green

October 3, 2013 @ 07:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Slow to react

Slow to react

Last year Darcy ended the Sabres season saying something about bringing on young players and there will be suffering in the teamโ€™s future. Now, on the radio Ted Black going on and on about having 3 teenagers in the lineup and they will make mistakes, learnโ€ฆ blah blah blah. Yes I get that. Fine. But last nightโ€™s one goal loss from the Wings had little to do with the Sabresโ€™ youth. No. In fact, despite being badly outplayed, the Sabres had a realistic chance to tie or even win the game. The problem was going 0 for 7 on the powerplay, which included two 5 on 3s. Ridiculous and embarrassing already or perhaps stillโ€ฆ.It also looks like Iโ€™ll be banging on the Stafford sucks drum all season too. The guy is a freaking pylon. The Sabres first line winger? Are you kidding? Where the hell is the Sabres commitment to winning? I thought money was no object? Drill another well? Lip service and blah blah blah. Leino is also on this boat. Iโ€™m willing to give him 40 games to see if had any jam. The sight of Stafford already makes me sick. At least I can understand a rookie playing passively or making mistakesโ€ฆ which I would rather see than Stafford floating around like his body is full of nitro glycerine. He is just like Roy. At least Roy produced consistently. Stafford frustration aside losing a one goal game in Detroit surely isnโ€™t the end of the world. I did see some promise in some of the rookies. They will at least be interesting to watch develop. Home opener tomorrow against Ottawa.

Reno update. The kitchen backsplash is in and grouted. (It would be foolish not to grout it :P) It looks really sharp. The electrician had lay the wire out from the panel to the back patioโ€ฆ it just needs to be connected then weโ€™ll have power back there. So the final tasks are getting done slowly.

And todayโ€™s Darwin Award goes to the idiot walking his dogs down the middle of Deer Valley Road in Bolton. Wowโ€ฆ this dude was at least a football field behind his unleashed dogs who were running up a hill towards traffic. The road in question can be quite busy at times has it as two major soccer fields on it. If anyone came speeding down the hill there is a good chance something very bad would have happened. There would have been zero chance for the owner to do anything. Unreal. You should have to pass a test to own a pet. *shakes head*