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Inflation or greed

July 22, 2004 @ 09:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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lots of paper.

lots of paper.

I remember being able to pay for my University degree (which is doing me fuck all I might add) by working through the summer… It was in the neighbourhood of 2 grand/year. I graduated in 1995, so that was about a decade ago… Now….for a college course (Interactive Multimedia at Sheridan) they want $9,235,00!! for just the courses… this isn’t books, lodging, food, parking, reality…

How on earth is an average Joe expected to pay for that? Bend over?! Assuming a 3 year diploma is similarly priced… students would pay close to 30 grand plus let’s say $15k for lodging and an easy $15k for books and life. So… A 3 year college diploma would set you back $60k? Is that possible…?!! I just don’t understand how someone who is struggling to better themselves would have a snowballs chance in hell at paying for that…What am I missing here? This seems utterly mind-boggling to me.This would suggest that there are fewer certified people… and those who are, are likely employed in their trade. So how can the field be that deep to pick from? I applied to three positions last Monday, requirements: experienced in HTML , CSS and related apps, familiarity with SEO an asset… I don’t have SEO… not ever a call based on the demonstrated ability with the other requirements? The other two positions had even less stringent requirements: basic web and copy editing. (worked at a newspaper/ English degree)… no love. So basically… I just want to know… WTF do I have to do?

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