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Time for a break

It certainly was a busy weekend. Arenโ€™t they always? It looks like this summer has no lulls. Saturday we had the โ€˜VSOโ€™ Fun day to attend. It was a miserable day for it. It rained on and off all afternoon. Driving up we feared it was going to turn into the โ€˜not-soโ€™ Fun Day. We were pleasantly surprised by the great turn out of Vizsla owners from around the area. We had a few walks, raffle, games for the dogs and a wonderful pot-luck lunch. All things considered it turned out pretty good. Right after the VSO event we had to be home to meet my parents. Since it was Fatherโ€™s day we had him over for a steak dinner. It was good to see both of my parents. They stayed the night, which was good. We had some extra time together. I fixed my Dadโ€™s computer yet again. Somehow he had multiple MSN profiles and didnโ€™t know the password to the โ€˜defaultโ€™ accountโ€ฆ Bah. He is happily back online now.

My Brother in Law was out at Albion Hills Conservation with around 2500 other people for a 24h bike race. Yes. You read that correctly, the race is 24h. There are teams of any number of people and you have to do as many laps of the track as you can in one day. Unfortunately the course conditions were brutal. My Gawd the mud! The mud was everywhere. Iโ€™ll post some photos soon. Only photos can do justice to what these cyclists were riding in. Not surprisingly they called the race at midnight because the conditions were so bad. I heard from my Dad that his team finished 6th out of 50 or so teams. Great job!

Today we got up early yet again and drove down to Paris Ontario to canoe the Grand River with Kevin and Suzanne. It was the first day it felt like summer. It was sooo hot at times on the water. I think we both have burns on various body parts. It was a lot of fun. The river has some rapids and is flowing at a decent pace. For a bunch of amateurs I think we did quite well. We didnโ€™t tip, even with a bad dog in the canoe.