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March 15, 2002 @ 06:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Tunnels of Doom!

Tunnels of Doom!

You can look up your name via google to find how it is used throughout the web. Apparently I’m:
…a sexy bastard
…way cool awesome
…a trivia whiz and it’s fun to watch him show off his talent
…definitely fuckable amen!
…a good photography subject because he is into photography
…a jerk i have been incapacitated recently doing tons of web stuff for my brother dave

obz is

…on a killing spree
and it comes as no surprise that:
nivek is going ta kill us if we don’t get to work on time; we got to finish unloading that junk he just got

unsung update : wallboard replaced

Hello… the wallboard has been replaced with a guestbook. Hopefully people will use it (don’t tell them it is practically the same code though…-smirk-) So sign in… I like to know where people who visit this site are from. The link is on the side. Cheers.

Tunnels of Doom!

Whoa! The first RPG that I ever played – the beginning of well over a decade of dedicated RPGing – started on the TI994/A with Tunnels of Doom. For shits and giggles I searched today for a PC emulation of this game and actually found a great resource! The game started… then when it came to ‘loading a saved game’ error.. error… error. pooh! I’m out of ideas. It would have been fun to reminisce. I’ll let you know if I get it going…

With the help from the messageboard at mess.org I was able to play ToD!! 😀 (The fix was changing the Floppy Disk Controller setting in MESS. Options -> Dip Switches -> Floppy Disk Controller -> Setting it to TI SD. Now to save the king! -snort!-

The links are all 404 and have been removed.

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