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August 26, 2003 @ 10:08 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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I see...

I see...

Phewโ€ฆ interesting day at Brock. I had another interview with Brock HRโ€ฆ this time for an Audio/Video Tech position. Full time permanent/Benefits/ all the Brock goodies. Fingers are crossed and the waiting game begins.

I sat in on a M.A. Thesis defense today for one of my co-workers (Dawn). It was really coolโ€ฆ I was surprised at how informal it was. The talk and questions were intriguing and her topic seemed very provocative (A Longitudinal Inquiry Into Preadolescent Internet Useageโ€ฆ). Best of all she got it! Congrats!โ€ฆ.

Sweet mother of gawd is it hot. Winter can come any time nowโ€ฆ. kill all the green pollinated crap that lines the earth and makes me sneeze and wheeze.

I seeโ€ฆ

Curious Captain. Had a rather long talk on the phone last night with my ex. She called to see how I was since I was somewhat abrupt with her on a prior conversation. The conversation then turned to a review of parts of our relationship by herโ€ฆ She seemed to want to point out areas she felt concerned with my *new* relationship. (so as to not mirror ours) Yes. It was bizarre. How many exโ€™s would care? enough to want to help you to be happy in your new relationship.

I found it rather surreal. Iโ€™m sure her intentions are very noble and honest but it seemed a little awkward. I appreciate what she was saying but Iโ€™m in a different relationship, with a different personโ€ฆ and frankly Iโ€™ve changed somewhat how I view things and how I respond to issues within the relationship. Anyways, thanks for your concern M..

It will evolve how it will. We will surely encounter obstacles as with any relationship. Only time will answer many questions. There is a different compatibility here however, and Iโ€™m very optimistic about the longevity of the relationship.

And yes, I miss you B..

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