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October 24, 2004 @ 11:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Thai Pepper

Thai Pepper

Not wanting to cook Friday night B. and I went looking for a place to eat in Brampton. She wanted sushi and knew a place on Kennedy, so off we went. Once we entered she was strangely turned off by the smell inside and we decided to leave. We lucked into finding a Thai place also on Kennedy called the Thai Pepper. The interior is rather modest but the food was delicious! B. had a coconut milk/curry Chicken dish and I had a Cashew chicken dish. Both had scrumptious sauces. We started we some shrimp rolls which were amazing. (Who knew Iโ€™d like shrimp so much? I usually donโ€™t, but they were to die for) Weโ€™ll certainly be returning. The leftovers we transformed into another dinner Saturday night โ€“ which was equally yum. Mmmโ€ฆ

Yesterday B. and I met my sister and her husband at the Burlington IKEA. We were meeting them to join them in visiting a German Shorthaired Pointer breeder outside of Scotland, Ontario. Before we left we stopped at McDonalds and I had a Bacon McGriddle. My Gawd. What a decadent yummy breakfast sandwich that was. There is maple syrup in the breading. Evil. Pure Evil. drool The GSP puppies were sadly somewhat sick (we are hoping it is not parvo, having been down that sad road before) and as usual I found the puppy smell a little overwhelming. Gag. The breeder also had some older dogs outside. With the exception of one female who didnโ€™t shut-up the entire time we were there (she was one spun dog) the dogs seemed pretty nice. Similar IMHO to Vizslas.

The evening was pretty slow moving. We rented a few movies from Rogers. (B. came close to strangling a clerk there who was as indifferent, unresponsive and clearly didnโ€™t want to be there, go home then?! She also gave us the wrong movie. Sigh!) We didnโ€™t end up watching the films. We rented, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and what should have been The Day After Tomorrow. Next time weโ€™ll be going Blockbuster.

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