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July 14, 2004 @ 08:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Interested in Chatting on IRC?

Interested in Chatting on IRC?

You know you’re a geek when you get your first auto op by ChanServ on IRC and you think cool!. (If that even made sense to you then you’re on your way to Geekdom) Anyway, my gig is at enterthegame.com #dragonage which is (or will be) a new RPG that Bioware is working on… Likely won’t come out for a few years. Just found it amusing. snort snort

Interested in Chatting on IRC?
I’ll assume you are using windows…
(X-Chat is available for most Linux Clients)
First off… you need a IRC client. A program that will allow you to chat on IRC. I’m sure there are many out there… But I’m using mIRC for this example.
Ok. Click here to open the mIRC download page. Get most recent version (as of today 6.16 – usually just pick the link with the location closest to you… it really doesn’t matter a whole lot – the link for New York didn’t work for me… I used Quebec)
Ok… Now install mIRC. It is a self executing file… So just find where you downloaded it and double click on it. A little box should pop up with a check box that reads Launch mIRC – put a check in that box then click Finish then continue
Ok… almost there… you should now see a mIRC options box… You need to tell mIRC where you want to go. Here are the fields and data for them:
The Fullname, Email Address, Nick and Alternate can be *whatever* as long as it isn’t already taken by someone on the server…
the important settings are under Servers:
Click add:
Fill in the following:
Description : *whatever*
IRC Server : irc.enterthegame.com
Port(s): 6667 (should be there by default)
Group: *leave blank*
select Add

Alrighty… now from the IRC Server dropdown select enterthegame.com it should be near the top. Ok…now you need to join a channel to chat on. In the input box enter #dragonage or any other channel listed. Then select join.
Chat away. (there is much more to it… but this is the VERY basics. For a list of commands and how to do a lot of IRC stuff go here) I idle MOST of the time… so don’t expect me to reply. 🙂

Update: No idea if any of this is still valid (Nov. 2013)

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