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Justifying Genocide

February 1, 2024 @ 07:02 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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American judge can't justify Biden's actions

American judge can't justify Biden's actions

As the International Court of Justice and numerous media outlets continue to report the atrocities committed by the Israeli government - the U.S. led by the Biden government continue to support, what many consider to be genocide against the Palestinian people. Evidence is mounting of Israel's true intention, which is to wipe Palestine from the Earth. They lie and fabricate stories about looking for Hamas while continuing to bomb and level subdivision after subdivision. I don't understand the continued support and growing hypocrisy of the West as thousands continue to suffer. History will not be kind to Biden.*smh*

We found a new, interesting mini-series from Netflix about Griselda Blanco. She was the first prominent female Columbian drug lord in the cocaine trade. Her story is remarkable in spite of its brutality. She persevered through gross sexism and doors being closed on her at ever turn. Yet she managed to create a major drug empire. Her rise was violent brutal and many innocents lost their lives to pave her path forward. The netflix series is entitled Griselda

Great browser. Awful name.

Great browser. Awful name.

WTF is a floorp? Well, apparently, it is a Japanese open-source variation of Firefox. I'm giving it a spin and it seems really solid so far. I still love Brave but there is an issue with it not being able to send images in messenger. I even added the issue to their support forum, and nothing. (which is disappointing - I think it has something to do with encryption). Messenger is my default messenging app. I use it every day. It has to work as expected. So i dunno... Until Brave addressing the issue, I guess I'm floorping for a while...Maybe I'll try a re-install of Brave. Hmm. *shrug*


Ahh! Bettman has finally agreed to unshackled the worlds best hockey players and allow them to compete at the Olympics. How wonderful.

First season of Walking Dead is so good, even the second time around.

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