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good bye future shop (die die die)

September 30, 2002 @ 10:09 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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grape & wine

grape & wine

yeah. I got a tax return! boo it is paying off bills. Iโ€™m paying off my Future Shop card, then I intend on burning, cutting and flushing it down the toilet. I recommend you do the same. The gross hidden charges and interest rate is horrific. Talk about gouge and screw. bah!

In other newsโ€ฆ got a call from an old co-worker (great guy) to do some work for him. Should be coolio.

grape and whine

wellโ€ฆ busy weekend. it is grape & wine time in the Niagara regionโ€ฆ which means drinking, wine, parties and of course R.I.D.E. checks everywhere. A few buddies and I did the bar hopping thing in lovely downtown st.catharines. imagine if you will the horror of being in a bar and ALL THEY HAVE for beer is WARM Coorโ€™s Light and Blue IN CANS! they sold out of *good* beerโ€ฆ needless to say we left. Downtown was busier than I have ever seen itโ€ฆ which is nice to see.. because it was ghost-town-like a few years ago. Had a little bon-fire with the friends to close out the night. it was good to get out and toss a few back.

this morning played some rollerblade hockey with one of the bar buddiesโ€ฆ ahh yes stopping on grass. ErrrrTtt!

hudsucker what!

just finished watching the movie Hudsucker Proxy with (mmm) Jennifer Jason-Leigh and Tim Robbinsโ€ฆI liked it. It was cutesy and all.. but light and entertaining. Did I mention Jennifer Jason Leigh? โญโญโญยฝ

Also enjoyed a nice long walk with the gf in Niagara Falls. Which is always busy it seems. I enjoy watching the seasons change near the fallsโ€ฆ Winter is stunning thereโ€ฆ

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