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Funnel that Fennel

January 19, 2010 @ 10:01 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Wander in the snow.

Wander in the snow.

An update, finally. It was a busy weekend indeed. Friday night, right after work, was B.โ€™s belated office Christmas party. For something different it was held at Cirilloโ€™s Culinary Academy. It is a cooking school where you prepare your own dinner. It was pretty cool. The appliances and utensils were all top notch. We cooked up some Spanish food. The dinner itself was a little hit and miss. There was a rice dish that was surprisingly bland. I made soup and I was happy with the โ€˜bam!โ€™ it had from paprika and a little curry. It was certainly a good โ€˜teamโ€™ event.

Saturday we drove up to Oro-Medonte for my Brother in Lawโ€™s birthday party. It was a fun evening. We started the evening with a long snowshoe through Copeland Forest. We could finally bring Tanga as her โ€˜heatโ€™ is pretty much done. She was pretty bouncing often trying to climb B. or I. Hmm. Dinner was a Polish feast of Cabbage rolls and perogies. B. made her killer Coffee cake (as seen in my new facebook photo) for dessert. Yum. I was stuffed from dinner but forced a piece into my belly!

Sunday was cleaning and cooking. We are getting a lot of use from a Canadian Living Slow Cooker book we got for Christmas from B.โ€™s sister. We are trying new recipes every weekend. This week was Garlic Fennel Chicken. I canโ€™t say Iโ€™ve had fennel before and it is curious. Iโ€™m not sure which flavours are surfacing in the dish but it is pretty good. Iโ€™d make it again. The recipe said to half the garlic, I think Iโ€™d dice itโ€ฆ We ended up with monster size pieces of garlic which are pretty overwhelming on their ownโ€ฆCrock pot FTW!

So Iโ€™m back to walking the dog at nightโ€ฆ It is good to own a dog. It forces me outside to walk and get some fresh air.

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