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Frump hacked

Frump hacked

Ahh yes... in order to aid in his legal defence (which MUST be getting REALLY expensive!) Frump put up another cash grab website for his cult members. Well, it was hacked and it has remained in this state for *hours*. LOL. *slow clap* Here is the body text in case you can't read it. I'm sure Frump would approve!


In our country, everyone has to follow the rules, no matter who they are. Our Constitution, the big rule book of our nation, says that we're all equal. Nobody gets special treatment.

I want to talk a bit about lying. A lie is when someone doesn't tell the truth on purpose. It's like saying you ate an apple when you really ate a cookie. Lying is bad because it breaks trust. Imagine if your friends didn't believe you anymore because you lied a lot. In some cases, like when people lie to the courts or the police, it's not just bad, it's a crime.

Before we dive deeper, it's essential to understand what personal character means. Personal character is the mix of qualities that define a person, like honesty, kindness, and courage. It's how you act when no one is looking. It's doing the right thing, even when it's tough. Our character is like a muscle; the more we use it in good ways, the stronger it becomes.

When we think about American presidents, there are some character traits that we've traditionally valued. We want leaders who are honest, brave, and selfless. Why? Because these qualities help presidents make the best choices for all of us. An honest president tells us the truth, even when it's hard. A brave one isn't scared to make tough decisions. A selfless leader puts the country's needs before their own. These qualities have guided our nation through good and tough times, and they remind us of what's great about America. And, remember America is ALREADY GREAT. We didn't need an improvement. We only needed someone with good character to take the job of president for a while and then pass it on to the next citizen.

Now, there's something else we should think about. Asking people to give money to your political campaign is okay when it's for the right reasons, like getting support to try to make the country better. But asking your friends do donate money to the Patriot Legal Defense Fund and then using that money to defend yourself from crimes? That doesn't seem right. It's like if a friend kept asking for lunch money but didn't buy lunch. People give their money to people who want to be president to make things better for everyone, not just to help one person with their problems.

"A president is a citizen that has the job of president for a while. But he is still just a citizen and subject to its laws."

Now, Donald Trump is in trouble with the law in Georgia. This is the fourth time something like this has happened. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but if someone keeps getting into trouble, we should think about what that means about someones character. Can all of the people be wrong who are bring criminal charges against him?

Being honest is really important. If a leader isn't truthful, it's hard to trust them and that makes them dangerous. Our Constitution helps us when things get tough and when we're not sure about our leaders. We need to make sure everyone tells the truth and does the right thing.

We should care about what's right and good for our country, not just one person. As we watch what's happening with Trump, let's remember to always look for the truth. That's what being an American is all about.

Thanks, and let's always do what's right for our country.

Oh! and if you want to help makes things better for EVERYONE, not just one selfish person.

Spain won the Women's World Cup narrowly beating England.

I continue to chip away at Mulch Mountain. I've been moving the mulch in smaller amounts which is FAR easier on my body and easier to manipulate in the garden beds. It does look good.

Gawd, TFC. Horrible first half. Surprising second half. Red card and that was game. At least they scored and looked like a team when Ensigne came on. That is the first time he has impressed me.LOL