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there is unrest in the forest

July 10, 2003 @ 07:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Step down.

Step down.

'…there is trouble with the trees…‘ -Rush

Tired and it will be a long day… After work there is a ‘pool party’ at a co-workers about 1/2 hour from here…I’m not really into it however. We’ll see, she does have a pool, but by 7 at night (unless the gets much hotter…) who will be swimming?

Brain is grinding to a halt… I wanted to write about something but the words and thoughts aren’t there today. Gah…

hot car bill

Gawd. I’m waiting for Toyota to call and tell me my car is ready. They are giving the front and rear brakes some love… how much you ask? Well… the estimate is for $500 bucks. Ouch, Batman. Joy. (update) $330 for labour! $110/hr! By the gawds! How on earth does a mechanic make THAT much…Ha, and $80 in parts… I need to find a friend who is a mechanic.

Also stopped in to drop off some papers at the ex’s. It’s always unusual to be in a place you called home with someone you nearly married and to see your cat. Odd indeed. I guess we get along ok. -shrug-

Just a hot nasty day. Be nice to spend a cool evening with b..


When I took my current position at Brock…

It was mostly for two reason. First, heh, and most importantly I needed a job. But secondly… (and more important to me…) was that I was hired on a one year contract… and part of the purpose was for me to find full-time permanent work at the University. A great opportunity I thought. Well a few months has past by and I’ve applied to a few jobs here… one interview, several no responses…. anyways… I starting to think this isn’t going anywhere… and that I may be wasting my time. I’m not at a point in my life where I can be directionless and wasting time… this is causing me a lot of frustration. Yes i’m making some money and working… but it's awful pay and the work is tedious and not directly something I’m interested in. Sure I’m learning some skills but if I have no desire to use them… surely this is a waste of time… gah. I just feel I should be somewhere more stable than I’m… I’m a car spinning in neutral right now when I want to be going forward. ya.. thanks for listening… steps down.

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