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September 27, 2010 @ 08:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

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It was a busy weekend indeed. Friday night I ventured to Maple to play some pool with KK. Well, that was the plan anyway… we played for about 2hrs and only completed 3-4 games with a standard win. It was ugly, all sorts of technical losses. I think we need to play every two weeks. Mediocre gameplay continued into Saturday. We drove down to Niagara to go golfing with my parents. I used to golf a lot with my Dad maybe a decade ago…I have not played in ages, and it showed. I had a ridiculous (but consistent :P) slice that shot the ball off almost at 90 degrees. It was pretty frustrating, ten years ago there would have been broken golf clubs. Now, instead, I just tried to enjoy the day for what it was and who I was with. Sadly my camera died and I wasn’t able to get the photos I wanted of the day… I don’t golf often, and even less so do I have the chance to do so with my parents. My Dad is a solid player, he was consistently straight… I think he beat me by 10 strokes at least. I think if I was remotely consistent (which I wasn’t, which is the point of golf IMHO) I could give him a run for his money… but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Heh. My mother was also shot straight but without the power. B. walked with us and took a few strokes here and there (since I clearly wasn’t making any). I think she enjoyed it. We may try to play again sometime.

After golf we met up with Captain and his family for dinner in downtown St.Catharines at Carlos Cantina. The Grape & Wine Festival was going on in St.Catharines so there were drunken revelers everywhere. We started dinner with Jalapeno Cheddar soup, which I thought was awesome. I polished off my Chicken burrito quickly, I was hunnngry! After dinner we drove over the Avondale Dairy bar for dessert. I always enjoy going there, they have a massive variety of curious ice creams. It was a great visit with Captain and family… his newborn daughter joined us for the evening. She was chill most of the evening. We’ll see Captain and family again in a few weeks at our buddy’s *gasp* 40th birthday. WAHHH JOE.

Sunday was primarily a lazy day. Laundry, some housework, gaming, TV… We did get off our asses for a walk up ‘Bolton hill’ to get a few groceries at Zehrs. That is a surprisingly exhausting walk. B. spent some of the morning working out our finances. The numbers don’t lie… we need to be a little more responsible with how we are spending our money. This will be a busy week… I think one of has something going on every weeknight this week, dentist, physio, stained glass, yoga etc.. Ugh.

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