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July 31, 2009 @ 03:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Um…well… there was a trail here last time. Sigh…

Um…well… there was a trail here last time. Sigh…

Yesterday I took the dog to Palgrave for a walk. Well… it ended up being more like an Amazon safari. The trails started off ok but eventually entered a section that wasn’t treed along a river. The grass and weeds in this area were easily 6ft high or higher and very dense. You couldn’t see the trail at all. It was lost completely in the overgrown greenery. I think at this point most sane people would have turned around. Well, I trudged through it. I had a good idea were I had to get to even if I wasn’t actually on the trail. The dog followed along. It was funny in a WTF am I doing kinda way.

B. was off today so we ran a few errands together. B. started her divorce proceedings at the Brampton courts. What that means is you do a lot of sitting around waiting for your number to come up to talk to a bureaucrat. Gah. I think we were there for close to four hours today. I found it funny her court file number contained 666. Heh. We had lunch at our favourite Thai place the Thai Pepper. While we were there a bunch of co-workers came in for lunch… They were loud and were seated right beside us. Sigh. They clearly weren’t all fond of Thai… It was hard not to hear their conversation as they were all ‘loud talkers’. Anyway, a few of them didn’t know what to order. ‘I just want rice and chicken, none of that ‘other’ stuff. *headslap* Then they said, I’d rather go to KFC than this. WHAT? Sometimes I hate white people. How ignorant. First off it is a small restaurant so it would be possible for the owner to hear you. Second. WTF. KFC over Fresh Authentic Thai. Gawd. Crawl back under your rock.

Not sure what we are doing this weekend. Finally a weekend with no plans.

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