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September 27, 2002 @ 10:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Endingwinter Nights

Endingwinter Nights

this is a call to all my foo fighters fans…added *dom dom dom!!!* the foo fighters to the lyrics section…

Update: lyrics are no longer hosted on unsung. (Dec. 2013)

guestbook is better?

ugh. i don’t know how long it wasn’t functioning properly… but I have repaired and tested the guestbook… which *should* be working now. let me know if you have any problems. Hmm… i sure sleep well when it rains.

Update: The guestbook has been removed. (Dec. 2013)


check check check 1,2,..AhwoooooOooo

Testing new titles!

bloody hell! here I’m, a big sabres fan trying to dial in the hockey game via the ‘net (nope!) radio (nope) or tv (nope..) I know it is only pre-season but… no coverage at all? hmmpt.

blog smilies?

hehe. i really should get more emotion smilies. how ho-hum can one person be?

Endingwinter Nights

well I finally finished the single player quest in Neverwinter Nights! I’ve read people bitching that it was a crappy, boring quest blah blah blah… it wasn’t as good as Baldur’s Gate… Well duh. It isn’t Baldur’s Gate. It is NWN! A different game with a different agenda!

Yes the story behind BG was better… but NWN was still fairly compelling (ok it was a bit hokey at times…but…overall decent). The focus of NWN was to create a good multiplayer environment…I’ve been RPing with a small group of people on a closed server and I think NWN shines here. It is great to quest with people you know IRL and see them in action in the game…Gawd, is this turning into a game review?? I’m still interested to see how the NWN Linux client turns out. I would drop windoze in a second if it ran all the apps I wanted. (or if I was linux smarter and could understand the apps that it presently does support…) anyways.. still lots of mods to play and dragons to slay so it won’t be on the shelf anytime soon.

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