Ireland โ€“ Day One : Flying Sucks

June 17, 2007 @ 08:06 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Ireland, Vacation, Lurgan Park, Northern Ireland

Tree lined walkway in Lurgan Park

Tree lined walkway in Lurgan Park

Iโ€™ve landed in Ireland. The flight was incredibly cramped. Fortunately mid-flight passengers were able to move into empty seats throughout the plane. Initially we sat with a nice man who was returning home to Ireland after working for a year in Canada. Considering the exchange and upheaval in his life, Iโ€™m surprised he made the move, it must have been an impressive contract! Getting off the plane it was pleasantly warm. Getting into Ireland was quick and painless. There were several signs up in the passport lobby regarding โ€˜assaults on staffโ€™. Curious indeed. Who the hell in their right mind is going to assault an immigration officer?!

My initital impression after the drive to B.โ€™s auntโ€™s house, through several small towns, is that the countryside reminds me a lot of rural Niagara. (With much more dramatic hills and valleys) There were many farms (there seem to be as many sheep in Northern Ireland as people) and green fields which stretch far into the horizon. I was zonked after arriving at her Auntโ€™s townhouse. I donโ€™t fly well. I felt really run down. B.โ€™s Aunt lives in a town called Lurgan. In the evening we enjoyed a walk with her Auntโ€™s dog Kristi in the massive Lurgan park. The park was quite nice and full of people as it was a warm evening.