Final long weekendโ€ฆ Sigh

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A day of boating

A day of boating

We left early Friday morning for the cottage. B. had a hair appointment in Bolton so we were pretty rushed to make. We did however. While she was getting her hair done I walked the dog around some of the neighbourhoods in Bolton. Seems like a nice place, I came across many well maintained houses. We made a stop outside of Barrie at the outlet mall so B. could do some shopping. She found a few pieces of clothing she liked (which doesnโ€™t always happen). The rest of the way to Gloucester was pretty uneventful.

We spent most of the day on the boat. We made it out to Georgian Bayโ€ฆ which was surprisingly calm today. We made a stop for ice cream and relaxed most of the trip. I enjoy the boat rides, I donโ€™t get to do it very often. It never ceases to amaze me how people on the water interact. Iโ€™d say about 80% of the people we passed gave a friendly wave. Arenโ€™t these the same people that cut you off on the 400? Curious. I guess when you are finally โ€˜on vacationโ€™ you act differently.

Saturday was over cast and the impending storm from the South was coming. We ventured into Port Darling with B.โ€™s aunt. Port Darling is a cute little tourist trap off the Severn waterway. There were all kinds of artisan shops, pubs and places to check out. I wandered around the lock area with the dog. It would be nice to return to Port Darling when it was less busy. I think everyone in the area was trying to get a little shopping done before the storm rolled in as well. When we got back from Port Darling the POWER was out. I know why electricity is referred to as โ€˜the powerโ€™. You feel pretty powerless without it. It has been out for nearly 18 hours nowโ€ฆ You never experience a black quite like the black you see outside during a power outage. If you didnโ€™t have a flashlight walking around the cottage youโ€™d get banged and bruised in minutes. It was the knightโ€™s dark blackness indeed. Since the weather sucks and there is no power we will likely be returning to the GTA soon. Ciao. Seems time to get the long pants outโ€ฆ