An open chair to disaster

February 5, 2006 @ 07:02 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Canada, friends, Buffalo Sabres

Big OT win!

Big OT win!

Today five friends and I ventured to Buffalo to see the Sabres v. Sens. We left pretty early because we intended on stopping somewhere in Buffalo for wings etc.. We found a place not too far from HSBC Arena. It seemed like a fairly typical area bar. We pulled two tables together and had a few pitchers of beer, why not at $6 a pitcher, try finding a $6 pitcher in Canada. Anyway, since we were only six there was an open chair at one of our tables, wellโ€ฆ someone came over and sat in it. His name was โ€˜fattyโ€™ and for good reason, he was a very big boy and he was very very drunk. He started off ok and was somewhat funnyโ€ฆ but he was fairly loud and profane. Eventually the bar owner came over and said something to him. After that, his disposition changed rapidly from happy drunk to angry drunk and it wasnโ€™t pretty. He told us how much of an asshole the owner was and how he was going to kick his ass etc. (blah blah) and he got louder and louder. Well the owner told him to leave. He got up and started swearing (now at a no holds barred level) and trying to start a fight with the bar owner. Fortunately a bunch of Fattyโ€™s friends forcibly (as well as they could) removed him from the bar. He was outside swearing up a storm for another 10-15 minutes. Charming. The wings were good! *cough* Lip up Fatty! We survived that and got to the game. It was a really good game. Much better than the Leaf game I was at a few weeks ago. Tight checking, a lot of nice saves at both ends. The game was tied 1-1 after OT. Vanek scored in the shootout to give the Sabres their first win over Ottawa this year! Huzzah! It was fun with the exception of the the obnoxious idiot behind us who yelled and yelled all night. I think my ear stopped bleeding around Hamilton. Sigh.

In the parking lot before we left a few guys were having a smoke. Wellโ€ฆ we had another guy wander over and start talking to us. (Where the hell are the Swedish Bikini models??! Why canโ€™t they come over and chat?) This guy was *another* treasureโ€ฆ We found out he is a felon who served time for assaulting someone (breaking his neck and back) and while in jail stabbed another guy in the neck. Why are you telling me this I thought? He seemed proud to share. Gah! He went on and on about scamming the government and how much money he makes and blah blah blah. Unbelievable. I was quite happy to get back to Canada tonight.

Thanks to Dirk for driving. Aforementioned yelling idiot also gave me a nasty headache.